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Have a Free Wellness Check or Simply Read Blog!

We offer Free Health Check consultation, see the Contact Us section for details. And by constantly checking our Blog, get the latest news and updates on health, arts, entertainment, recreation, and travel.

The H|E|A|R|T Advocacy

The heart of our advocacy is simple.

We want to share information about health, entertainment, arts, recreation and travel.

This is a website for men and women who want to age gracefully. It is a place for families who want to enjoy bonding together.

Like most of you, we have also encountered body pains, mood swings, bouts of depression which some say are associated with mid-lifers.   These do not include some minor accidents that weakened our bones.

But as we gain more wisdom, we try to fight and defy aging and find ways to slow down the process.  We are truly blessed to have embraced good nutrition coupled with a healthy active lifestyle as our advocacy.

It has not only made us feel young but it gave us the financial freedom and the liberty to enjoy simple things.  Most importantly, it gave us the opportunity to share and make an impact to other people’s lives.  Life is beautiful and we just need to experience feeling young always to witness its many surprises.

Join us in our join advocacy in this movement for healthy positivity.

postinglife.com is a property of PostingLife Communications, a duly registered business name under the Department of Trade and Industry, Philippines (August 28, 2018 – August 28, 2023) with Certificate No. 05529618.

Meet The Team

While we work independently, teamwork brings out the best in us. Each of the members brings in a diverse experience, exposure, and skill. We cover interesting topics and ideas that excite generations from the Gen X to millennials.


Lyra Ramos-Vallejos

Health and Wellness Coach/Mentor; Co-Founder, PostingLife Communications

Lyra has almost a decade of helping people achieve their health goals specifically on weight management.  She is an entrepreneur and holds the position of Vice President of TRACMA.


Caesar Vallejos

Founder, PostingLife Communications; Lifestyle Blogger/Marketer

A seasoned corporate marketer, Caesar’s passion is writing news and features about business, IT, health, arts and entertainment.


Carl Vallejos

Wellness Enthusiast

A student who has dipped into the world of nutrition and healthy active lifestyle.  He used to be a member of the swimming varsity team.  He is a graduating student of Electronics and Communications Engineering (ECE) at the New Era University.

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