Open for Business: Eastern Petroleum CEO Fernando L. Martinez

In its 4th episode, OPEN FOR BUSINESS on takes a look at the oil industry.

Every time there is an oil price hike in the Philippines, headlines blame the rising prices of petroleum products in the world market.

Why are countries like the Philippines bear the brunt of rising oil prices and why are economies including ours are affected.

What are the dynamics behind this? What exactly happens when there are sudden shifts and movements of oil prices in the market?

What are causing these changes? What can the private and government institutions do to cushion the impact of oil price hikes?

Can the Filipino and the Filipino businessmen ever wake up to find cheaper fuel and lower-priced products?

Group Chairman and CEO of Eastern Petroleum Group joins Open for Business later, July 7, to shed light on these questions that almost every commuter deals with everyday.

Last week, OPEN FOR BUSINESS was graced by the Chairman of Chalre Consulting Richard Mills, the organizer of Asia CEO Awards and renowned social entrepreneur Illac Diaz.  Watch the webisode below:

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