PCCI calls for long-term solution to address water crisis

The Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI), the largest umbrella of business organizations in the country, today called for urgent short- and long-term solutions to the water shortage Metro Manila and other parts of the country are experiencing.

“The shortage we are experiencing now is obviously a cause for alarm,” Alegria Sibal Limjoco, president of PCCI said adding that it is not only hurting consumers but could also affect the country’s competitiveness standing, particularly investors’ interest because water is an important input to industry.

PCCI lauded government for stepping in mitigate the situation in Metro Manila by instructing the release of water supply from Angat Dam. The Chamber likewise acknowledged Manila Water for owning up to its shortcoming and commended the company’s the positive response to the call to immediately make more water available to consumers in its service areas.

“It takes great courage to admit such grave responsibility. The actions of Manila Water simply proved how much they value their stakeholders,” Limjoco said.

But PCCI added that these stop-gap initiatives should be complemented by long-term measures that will effectively and efficiently manage and utilize the country’s water resources.