Brand Management

Brand management adds value to your products and services through the creation of a unique identity in the marketplace.  It allows your company to differentiate from its competitors and communicate your message and market position in a consistent and holistic manner. Proper brand management must be in place to stand out in a diverse and highly competitive business environment.

► Logo creation/standardization

► Content messaging/communications

► Brand Guidelines creation

► Standardization of collaterals

► Website design

► Ad messaging and look

► Social media management

Lead Generation

Lead generation is achieved by reaching out to the widest audience with a compelling message about the business practice’s solutions and services. The purpose is to generate sales leads aligned with the volume projected under your company’s growth strategy and target for the period.

Lead generation is done through email direct marketing, telemarketing and events, all with the end goal of eliciting interest and striking a conversation with organizations who will potentially engage us in a commercial relationship. Leads can also be inbound, when prospective customers manage to find us, led in by our social media, website and other online assets.

Copywriting and editing

Blog writing, press release preparation, writing for the web and case study preparation are services under corporate communications.  Our writing pool has generated stories and articles on environment, social and governance solutions, technology, knowledge management, and the areas covering sustainability. In marketing, content can be a powerful tool in driving all other types of marketing campaigns, whether digital marketing, events marketing or mass media marketing.

Multimedia Production

Multimedia content amplifies the customer’s digital engagement and online experience, whether through a video explaining product features or creative graphics enticing them with a promotion.

Multimedia productions enable us to communicate our solutions and services to our audience on their devices of choice on demand. Videos and images can create a positive and friendly corporate personality that customers can viscerally relate to in the business-to-customer sales flow.

Events Management

Through events, business practices are able to establish and promote their brand, project leadership in their space, create awareness and interest in their solutions and services, ultimately leading to brand recognition and lead generation. Events marketing enables businesses to build relationships with its target audience.

Search Engine Optimisation

With SEO, we will increase the organic visibility of our websites for searches conducted on Google and other major search engines on both desktop and mobile devices. SEO’s purpose is to drive a high volume of qualified web traffic for generating inbound sales leads through online inquiries.

SEO is also about reducing the competition’s traffic, brand awareness and establishing trust and authority. As a company improves its search visibility, it comes at the expense of its competitors.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-per-click (PPC)  advertising is about using Google’s Search and Display Network Ads and social media ads to generate clicks to our websites, rather than growing clicks organically. PPC will help in generating leads and growing the customer base by connecting us to searchers who are actively looking for products and services and passively through users browsing websites and social media users through sponsored ads on their news feeds. PPC drives immediate results and pulls in quality traffic, the organizations who are actually looking for the solutions that we provide.

CRM Administration

From SugarCRM to Hubspot, Marketing uses the most appropriate tools to effectively manage marketing and sales data, helping clients to focus on specific target markets in their marketing campaigns. We maintain one central location for the gathering of information, automating the process and making it easier for our clients to communicate with their prospective and current accounts.

Business Development

Business development cuts across different functions such as sales, marketing, project management, product management, networking and partnerships to align a business with its development goals.

In marketing, business development is about building long-term relationships with other companies and organizations in the commercial ecosystems.  Its purpose is to capture transformational opportunities and drive strategic deals.

  • Go-to-Market/Strategic Planning
  • Analysis and Business Insight
  • Competitive Research
  • Sales Pipeline Management
  • Association Membership Management
  • Events Sponsors/Media Managemen
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