TRACMA founder Trovador Ramos, Sr., the only Filipino who fought Bruce Lee, is coming to Manila for TRACMA Day 2018!


Trovador Ramos, Sr. in Hong Kong taken last April 1982.

Get up close and personal with the only Filipino who fought Bruce Lee, the greatest icon of martial arts cinema.

Hong Kong-based 14th Degree Red Belt Master (RBM) Trovador Ramos, Sr., founder of TRACMA or Trovador Ramos Asian Consolidated Martial Arts is coming to Manila on April 8 for TRACMA Day.

Sharp and full of wisdom, Grand Master Trovador will be sharing his techniques and experiences to select audiences on April 8 that includes the following activities:

  • A special get-together of active TRACMA members
  • Acknowledgment and recognition of the senior and belted TRACMA members
  • TRACMA sparring activities to spice up the day
  • Special performances of legendary scientific forms created by RBM Trovador Ramos, Sr.
  • Plus arnis and other weaponry displays!

Ka Badong and Ka Femia with son Trovador ‘James’ Ramos, Jr. (standing, center) and youngest daughter Lyra Ramos-Vallejos (first from left, seated) with staff.

Read how Trovador Ramos, Sr. talked about the day he fought with Bruce Lee in this link here.  Also watch the video interview of Ka Badong at

The TRACMA Creed

TRACMAIt is noted in the TRACMA Creed that RBM Trovador dedicates his special talents and skills for the glorification of the Almighty. To Ka Badong, as he is fondly called, TRACMA is only an ‘instrument of the divine plan’. Hence, he encourages all TRACMA members to be grateful and humble. TRACMA gives utmost importance to obedience and humility.

Trovador Ramos, Sr. knows that health and wellness is one of the most important treasures in life. So in the TRACMA Creed, he emphasized the “mastery and practice of martial arts” as a form of physical conditioning to maintain a good health and fitness for the body.

TRACMA was also developed as a sport and a form of relaxation that “enhances skills, and develops reflexes, resourcefulness, and creativity.”

It promotes the “true spirit of sportsmanship and fair play” which are the fundamentals of friendship and fair play.

Photo shows Trovador and Eufemia Ramos at the INC Buklod Night 2018 held at the Metropol Restaurant in Hong Kong where they were given three Certificates of Recognition including the “Pioneering Couple” of the Locale of Hong Hong, Ecclesiastical District of China.


The most important part of the TRACMA Creed reads as follows:

As a divine weapon,

Never to be used in frivolity or vain glorious display

Not to oppress but rather to defend the weak

Not to suppress, but rather to uphold justice.

Trovador Ramos, Sr. upholds the value of respect to fellowmen.

For him, every individual has dignity as a human being, having been created by God.

Aside from respect, Trovador Ramos, Sr. is committed to promoting the values of loyalty and obedience within the TRACMA organization.


TRACMA Day 2018 is not only a gathering.  It is a celebration of the time-honored values that are immortalized in the TRACMA Creed.

It is also the time to honor the only Filipino who helped redefine Philippine martial arts.

Get up close and personal with Trovador Ramos, Sr. and reminisce his glorious past and relive the exciting moments of his life and career.

Be part of the continuing legacy of Trovador Ramos, Sr. and the promotion of Philippine sports and martial arts.

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